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NO AuthorsTitle Journal Year
12 S.-H. Shin, S.R. Kim, and Y.-H. Seo Developing of a Fault Monitoring Technique for Wing Turbines Using a Hidden Markov Model Sensors
18(6), pp. 1790
11 S.-H. Shin, J.-H. Park, D.-B. Yoon, S.-W. Han, and T. Kang Markov Chain-based Mass Esimation Method for Loose Part Monitoring System and Its Performance Nuclear Engineering and Technology
49(7), pp. 1555 ~ 1562
10 S.-H. Shin, T. Hashimoto, and S. Hatano Energy Distribution for Sound Quality Improvement of Exhaust Noise of Cruiser Type of Motorcycle Noise Control Eng. Journal
63(2), pp. 169 ~ 181
9 S.-H. Shin, T. Hashimoto, and S. Hatano Desirable Spectrum Profiles for the Sound Quality Improvement on Exhaust Noise of Classical Type of Motorcycle Submitted to the Applied Acoustics, 61(6), pp. 578 ~ 589 2013
8 D.-B. Yoon, J.-H. Park, and S.-H. Shin Improvement of Cross-correlation Technique for Leak Detection of a Buried Pipe in a Tonal Noisy Environment Nuclear Engineering and Technology
44(8), pp. 977 ~ 984
7 S.-H. Shin, J.-H. Park, D.-B. Yoon, Y.-C. Choi Mass Estimation of Impacting Objects Against a Structure Using Artificial Neural Network Without Consideration of Background Noise Nuclear Engineering and Technology
43(4), pp. 343 ~ 354
6 W.-H. Cho, J.-G. Ih, S.-H. Shin, and J.-W. Kim Quality Evaluation of Car Window Motors Using the Sound Quality Metrics International Journal of Automotive Technology
12(3), pp. 443 ~ 450
5 S.-H. Shin, T. Hashimoto, and S. Hatano Automatic Detection System for Cough Sounds as a Symptom of Abnormal Health Condition IEEE Transactions Information Technology in Biomedicine (TITB)
13(4), pp. 486 ~ 493
4 S.-H. Shin, J.-G. Ih, T. Hashimoto, and S. Hatano Sound Quality Evaluation of Booming Sensation for Passenger Cars Applied Acoustics
70(2), pp. 309 ~ 320
3 S.-H. Shin Comparative Study of the Commercial Software for Sound Quality Analysis Acoust. Sci. & Tech. (ASJ(E), edited by the Acoustical Society of Japan)
29(3), pp. 221 ~ 228
2 J.-G. Ih, D.-H. Lim, S.-H. Shin and Y.-J. Park Experimental design and assessment of product sound quality: application to a vacuum cleaner Noise Control Eng. Journal
51(4), pp. 244 ~ 252
1 S.-H. Shin, J.-G. Ih and H. Jeong Statistical processing of the subjective listening test data in PSQ Noise Control Eng. Journal
51(4), pp. 232 ~ 238
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