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Research Project

Evaluation of Transmission Loss of Lightweight and Thin Laminated Glass and Its Performance Optimization
(경량 박형 접합유리 차음성능 평가 및 최적화 연구)

LG Chem., February 2016 ~ January 2017

Statistical Technique Using Long-term Data of Wind Turbine for Correlation Analysis Between Condition Monitoring Signals
(측정신호 상관성 분석을 위한 장기데이터의 통계처리 기법 개발)

KIMM, January 2016 ~ December 2016

Sound Quality Evaluation of Excavator’s Exterior Noise (굴삭기 외부소음에 대한 음질 평가)

Volvo Construction Equipment Co. Ltd., November 2015 ~ March 2016

Development of Prognosis Algorithm on Structural Integrity of Pressure Boundary Mechanical Components of NPP Using Data
Fusion Technique (이종신호 융합기반 원전 핵심기기 구조건전성 예측 알고리즘 개발)

KAERI (한국연구재단), March 2015 ~ February 2016

Development of Fault Diagnosis Technique Using Statistical Processing of Long-range Data
(장기데이터의 통계처리를 통한 결함진단 기술 개발)

KIMM, January 2015 ~ December 2015

Balance shaft module technology development for three-cylinder engine (3실린더 엔진 밸런스샤프트 모듈 기술개발)

명화공업 (산업통상자원부), May 2015 ~ April 2017

Development of Software for Quantifying Sound Quality of Vehicle Noise (자동차 소음의 음질 정량화 프로그램 개발)

한국연구재단 LINC 사업, August 2014 ~ February 2015

Development of Sound Quality Index for Detecting Dehumidifier’s Abnormal Noise (제습기 이상소음 검출을 위한 음질인덱스 개발)

LG Electronics Co. Ltd., June 2014 ~ May. 2015

Development of Sound Quality Index for Evaluating Small Excavator’s Noise (소형 굴삭기 소음 평가를 위한 음질인덱스 개발)

Volvo Construction Equipment Co. Ltd., April 2014 ~ Sep. 2014

Sensitivity Evaluation on Automotive Multi-function Switch (차량 다기능 스위치의 감성품질 평가)

Daedong Co. Ltd., Sep. 2013 ~ Feb.2014

Secured Smart Electric Vehicle Specialist Education Team, BK21+ 특화전문인재양성형 사업

Ministry of Education and NRF, Aug. 2013 ~ Present

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